Nintendo 3DS
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Game Flow Title Game Flow Information decorative line

As the protagonist, Stocke, you will use the power of the White Chronicle to travel through time and see mutiple timelines play out their fates. By returning to the past and redoing history, you can lead the world to its ideal path.

Gain the advantage by slashing on the field, and use strategic combos to overcome powerful foes in exhilarating battles.

Historia Title Game Flow Information decorative line

The central hub for changing history. From here, you can travel across the two parallel timelines of Standard and Alternate Histories. Not only that, but once you have met Nemesia, you will be able to access a whole new area of time: the Possible Histories.

Central Hub
The White Chronicle Title decorative line
The White Chronicle

An ancient book of Flux, shrouded in mystery. Its wielder is granted the power to travel through time.

Time Nodes Title decorative line

Whenever the wielder of the White Chronicle experiences a pivotal moment in history, a Time Node is born. Each node represents a decision point, which can later be returned to and redone. Experiment with different actions to lead history to the right path.

Time Nodes
Possible Histories Title New Possible Histories Text decorative line
Possible Heroes Menu System
Possible Heroes Menu System

In this 3DS remaster's new Possible Histories, Stocke can visit "what-if" timelines in search of Artifacts—mystic relics that hold the key to the continent's desertification. In these worlds, you will witness all kinds of scenarios that never got to play out in the original timelines, such as Rosch being promoted to General.

The Dunamies Title decorative line

A massive airship captained by Nemesia to travel between the potential worlds.

The Dunamies Ship
Battle System Title Battle Basics Section decorative line

Radiant Historia blends a familiar turn-based battle format with an innovative grid-based strategy system. In each encounter, enemies appear on a 3x3 grid, opening up a multitude of clever possibilities—push, pull, and otherwise force the enemies around the grid, and then smash them all at once on the same square.

Basics Of Battle Image Basics Of Battle Image

Another unique feature of this system is the Change command. By using it, you can manipulate the turn order of both allies and enemies to set yourself up for the perfect succession of moves. Using Change to your advantage can earn you massive combos!

Basics Of Battle Image Basics Of Battle Image
Support Skills Section decorative line

Brand new to this 3DS version, your teammates who are not currently participating in battle can jump in and help out with a support skill! While their appearance is random, they will not spend any MP. Each character has their own unique skills that will be used.

Support Skills Image Support Skills Image
Enemy Weaknes Section decorative line
Enemy Weakness Target System
Enemy Taking Damage

Many skills have elemental traits. If you hit an enemy with an element they are weak against, you can deal massive damage. Take advantage of these weaknesses to gain the upper hand in battle.

Mana Burst Section decorative line

By filling a party member's Mana Gauge to max, they can unleash an extremely powerful Burst skill. Progress through the story to earn new Mana Bursts for your allies.

Mana Burst Image Mana Burst Image
Field Action Title Forge Your Way Text decorative line

As you explore the field, you can perform special actions such as clearing obstacles, or striking the enemy for an ambush. Progress through the story to unlock more of these abilities, and bend the world to your will!

Strike System

If you strike an enemy with your sword out of combat, you can knock them out and begin the encounter with an advantage. You will also be able to slice through certain obstacles blocking your path.

Hit Enemies On Field
Opening A Box
Strength System

Grab boxes and barrels on the field, then move them around as you please.

Bomber System

Detonate barrel bombs on the field to destroy obstacles like boulders. Combine this with Strength to position a barrel near your target, then blow it up remotely.

Setting Bomb Bomb Explodes
Setting Bomb
Mana Sight System

Sense the flow of Mana on the field to discover hidden items and traps.

Vanish System

If you find yourself facing too many enemies, use Vanish to cloak your presence and infiltrate undetected. You can't stay hidden forever, though—your MP will drain while this ability is in use.

Setting Bomb Setting Bomb