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Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology
Both humans and Beastkind reside in Vainqueur, a continent of five nations. Of these nations, the western kingdom of Granorg has been at war with the eastern kingdom of Alistel for the last 50 years. Far from these civilizations lie dangerous lands where monsters run rampant.

About a century ago, a mysterious phenomenon called "desertification" began encroaching from the western side of the continent, turning all land it reaches into sand. Year by year, the remaining habitable land shrinks further. Without a solution to this growing problem, Alistel and Granorg have been forced into bitter conflict over what green land is left, as the future of the world grows dimmer and dimmer.
A holy nation ruled by the Prophet Noah. At the age of 16, Noah rallied up citizens of Granorg who were frustrated with its oppressive rule, and founded the city of Alistel with them. However, 70 years later, he no longer shows himself in public. Instead, General Hugo—the military's highest ranking officer—governs over the land as his proxy.
A grand kingdom founded 150 years ago by a descendent of the empire that once lorded over the entire continent. Unlike Alistel, it struggles with a vast chasm in wealth between social classes. With this tension, the people have been suffering even more under the tyranny of their current leader, Queen Protea.
A southwest nation surrounded by desert. Politically neutral, it is a nation of drifters, mostly comprised of mercenaries and ruffians who fled the surrounding war. Due to its free spirit and lack of restrictions, it welcomes those of any race and background, but this inevitably leads to disputes within the nation as well.
In the forests east of Alistel lies Celestia, the land of Satyros. This Beastkind race specializes in the power to wield Mana—the source of all life. Many sacred trees grow here, each filled with Mana to protect its inhabitants. The Satyros have strained relations with mankind; they have cut their diplomatic ties and erected a magical barrier to keep all humans out of the village.
In the southeast lies another Beastkind nation—the home of the Gutrals, Forgia. The Gutrals boast a sturdy body and high-caliber fighting skills, but due to their surprisingly gentle nature, they never use this strength for their own gain. Forgia maintains diplomatic relations with Celestia, but has completely removed humans from its lifestyle.
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