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Alistel Granorg Celestia Historia
The protagonist. Though he remains stoic on the outside, within him lies a passionate flame that refuses to allow his friends to get hurt. A skilled spy and the crowning jewel of Alistel's Special Intelligence unit, he is entrusted with the most vital and dangerous missions. One day, he receives a magical tome called the White Chronicle—and with it, sets foot into the mysterious realm of Historia, where he gains the power to travel through time.
An agent of Alistel's Special Intelligence unit, skilled with both spears and attack magic. With her frank personality and strong sense of justice, she can sometimes be impulsive and jump to conclusions a little too quickly, but this makes her a valuable ally who is never afraid to leap into the action.
Another agent of Alistel's Special Intelligence unit. He carries a sword, but truly shines in supporting his teammates with healing and other benefits. Caring, cautious, and level-headed, he provides the foil to Raynie's impulsivity. The two of them have worked well together ever since their days in a mercenary troop.
An officer of the Alistel army, and Stocke's best friend. He has earned the title of Alistel's strongest, sometimes referred to as their Young Lion. After losing his arm in battle, he had it replaced with a Gauntlet—a thaumatech prosthetic that grants him even greater combat prowess.
The Princess of Granorg, beloved by her subjects for her courage and charisma. With a strong sense of royal duty to reform the country for her people, she often opts to fight on the front lines, despite being royalty.
An innocent yet wise Satyros girl who travels the continent as part of an entertainment troupe. Gifted with shamanic powers, she is a central figure among her people, revered as a sacred priestess who watches over departed souls.
A Gutral from Forgia who was known as one of his village's strongest fighters. But after being banished, he moved to Celestia to work as a bodyguard. While most Gutrals have cut off all ties with humans, Gafka remains sympathetic to humanity.
A historian who suddenly approaches Stocke, opening his eyes to Possible Histories—distinct worlds that do not seem to fit into either the Standard or Alternate History timelines. Her motives and background are a mystery, but she appears to be traveling in search of mystical relics called Artifacts. What new possibilities will her mission unfold?
A mysterious guide residing in Historia, a chasm in time. She is Teo's sister.
A mysterious guide residing in Historia, a chasm in time. He is Lippti's brother.