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Game Objective
Under the watchful eye of the Holy Lodis Empire, strange things are happening on the island of Ovis. Powerful forces have been set in motion, but their motives are masked by political intrigue. It is your mission to investigate these occurrences and discover the true intentions of those involved. The ending of the game will depend on the actions that the main character, Alphonse, takes. You will make many revelations as you proceed, but you must survive the unrelenting battles and cultivate your characters' abilities to unveil the ultimate truth.

Background Story
The island of Ovis, located to the west of the continent of Galicia, has been under the rule of the Holy Lodis Empire for the last 15 years, and its inhabitants have been forced to convert to Lodisism. Although the southern region, Anser, initially resisted subjugation, today it flourishes because of trade with the mainland, and the lives of its people have been enriched. Rananculus, the northern region of Ovis which is surrounded by mountains and forests, accepted the conversion without putting up a fight. At present, inhabitable land is scarce and now only a few aristocrats and civilians live there. Alphonse, the main character of the story and a member of the Order of the Sacred Flame, visits this region to investigate an unusual occurrence. His life will forever be changed from his encounters with the people there.

The Governing Elements of Tactics Ogre
There are six invisible powers that govern the natural world. These forces, which are controlled by the gods, are known as elements. Each character is associated with one of these elements and inherits the characteristics of that particular element. Elements such as earth and wind, or fire and water, repel each other. Elements affect the damage a character deals to an enemy as well as the damage he/she receives. Characters will also be more or less effective in battle depending on the element of the landscape on which they are fighting.

The natural tendency of a character, known as his/her alignment, can be one of three types: lawful, chaotic, or neutral. Alignment is displayed next to a character's element.

The power of wind is controlled by Harnella, the goddess of the wind and also the goddess of the sea. This characteristic can influence creatures' agility and the weather. Wind repels the power of earth.

The power of fire is controlled by Zoshonel, the goddess of fire. It can influence the weather and some man-made items. It strongly opposes the power of water.

The power of the land is controlled by Berthe, the goddess of the harvest. Its influence can be felt across much of the land. It opposes wind, the element of movement.

The power of water is controlled by Grueza, the goddess of water. It influences the rivers and oceans of the world and can have a purifying effect, driving evil away. It repels the element of fire.

The power of holy light is controlled by Ishtalle, the goddess of light and war. It gives new life to people and repels the power of darkness (bane).

The power of bane is controlled by Asmodee, the god of bane. It has the power to influence time and bend the minds of people, against the will of the gods. It is in opposition to the power of virtue.

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