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The Flow of the Game
"Tactics Ogre" is a simulation RPG where the player fights battles in a multi-leveled 3D field. The main character leads his comrades as they proceed on the World Map. When the troops encounter the enemy, the screen changes to the Field Map, and a battle begins. After fulfilling the Winning Condition(s) for each scenario, you can return to the World Map to proceed with the game. The game ends if you fulfill the Losing Condition(s), such as when the main character dies. If this happens, you'll have to restart from a previously saved point.

In order to check the status of your troops, you can view the Organize Screen from both maps. While in battle, you can only view your current arrangement, but in other situations you can prepare for battle by equipping items and spell books, or change character classes.

Organizing Your Troops Before Battle
The World Map displays locations in and around towns, as well as the land and sea routes that connect these locations. Your troops are stationed at the flag-marked position.

There are shops where you can buy and sell items and spell books and employ comrades. Since bandits and monsters often attack, please remember to organize your troops before traveling. If a battle starts and "FIGHT IT OUT" is displayed, then the event is a predetermined encounter and not a random one. Time will resume once the battle has ended. Ordinarily, the number of places you will be able to visit on the World Map will gradually increase. However, since a random encounter is a surprise attack, no matter how many times you fight this type of battle, neither the time nor story will proceed.

Your troops' campaign funds are displayed on the bottom left of the screen, and the area where you are currently stationed is at the bottom right. Don't spend your campaign funds foolishly, since you'll need money to pay for items at shops. The currency used in this game is called Goth.

If you want to strengthen your troops, don't be hasty. You can train or gain fighting experience by going back and forth between local villages and battling with bandits. It is recommended that you save your data before traveling because you cannot avoid a fight once you have encountered enemies.

You can select up to eight characters from your troop to dispatch to the Field Map. Remember to take the characteristics of the landscape and the enemies you are facing into consideration when choosing who to send. While organizing your troops, you may also learn the details about the Field Map and the abilities of your enemies. You may not remove the main character from your troops unless you are playing in Training Mode or VS Mode.

While a character increases levels by gaining experience in battle, he/she can also earn emblems for performing extraordinary actions such as dodging an opponent's attack or defeating the enemy when in critical condition. There are 32 emblems in all. Your character can acquire new abilities and meet the qualifications for changing class by collecting these emblems. Not all emblems are awarded for accomplishments. Some are given as warnings for disgraceful deeds. We challenge you to not only collect emblems to improve your characters, but also to build a single hero with many emblems.

You can view the emblems in a character's possession at any time from the Detailed Status Screen. While not all emblems are available to characters of certain classes, it is a good idea to collect as many emblems as you can.

The 3 Game Modes
You may enjoy several different scenarios using your saved data from the central adventure. Select "Quest Mode" from the Title Screen. There are 3 options available. Some of the items that can be obtained in these modes are rare and cannot be obtained in the main game, so playing this mode can be an excellent way to acquire better equipment for your troops.

Although no Experience Points will be earned in this mode, items and emblems that are gained will automatically be saved to your troop's inventory. You can view the items you've acquired by returning to the Title Screen, selecting "Continue," and then viewing the Character List from the Organize option.
  • Exploration Mode: Certain areas available in this mode correspond to the books that you find in the main game. By paying a fee and having the appropriate book, you may explore a particular area. When fighting battles in these areas, you can earn special rewards if you can meet the goals that you set for yourself prior to the battles. For instance, one goal might be to complete the battle in a certain number of turns. You may attempt to meet these goals as many times as you can afford to pay the fees. Also, remember that usually the greater the challenge you set for yourself, the greater the reward will be if the challenge is met.
  • Battle Mode: In this mode, two players can battle one another using the Game Link cable. However, only 5 characters are dispatched to the field for each team, and some spells are unusable. Even if one of your characters dies in battle, he/she will not be permanently lost. A reward is offered to the victor of each battle.
  • Exchange Mode: In Exchange Mode, you may trade items, spellbooks, and characters with another player using the Game Link cable. However, certain things cannot be exchanged. There is no cost for using this mode.

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