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  A Note About the Characters
Characters grow and mature in their abilities throughout the game by accumulating Experience Points in battle. With each 100 Experience Points, characters gain a level. Points start from 0 again when working towards the next level. The stronger the opponents your character faces, the more points he/she will earn after defeating them. On the contrary, when your characters defeat weaker opponents, they do not receive many Experience Points.

The higher the level a character is, the higher his/her maximum HP will be. Maximum MP/SP also increase, and characters in some classes will learn special skills as they gain levels. In some cases, new class options will also become available to characters who reach certain levels.

Class Categories
"Class" refers to the race or the occupation of a character. There are many categories of classes, and some classes are restricted to specifically male or female characters. The class of a character influences many of his/her characteristics, such as how basic stats increase when leveling-up, maximum HP, MP, and SP, equipment used, and attack types.

Characters that belong to certain classes cannot change occupation, although most characters can change if the necessary requirements are met. It is a good idea to change your characters' classes often as they increase in level. Characters' stats, elements, alignment, and collected emblems are typical criteria for changing class.

Male characters can fight using both weapons and spells. There are many classes in this category such as Wizards, Knights, Ninjas, etc. It is possible to change to a variety of different classes in a number of ways by meeting the class requirements.

Females can fight using both weapons and spells and can experience a lot of different classes as they grow. The classes available to females are very similar to those available to males.

This class includes creatures such as Fairies and Hawkmen. They can use both weapons and special skills. However, they cannot change classes.

Humans and monsters who have died and been resurrected on the Field Map will return in this form. Once a character is undead, he/she will no longer be able to change occupations using the "Class Change" command.

Dragons have sharp claws and can use special abilities such as "Thunder Dragon" and "Naga." However, they may not change classes.

This category is for characters that have been transformed from human to classes such as Angel Knights and Liches. Characters in these classes have high abilities, but may not change classes after becoming a member of this category.

This category includes monsters such as Griffins and Octopuses. They can often use special skills and are good at hand-to-hand combat. They cannot change classes.

This is a family of evil creatures that includes Gremlins and Gorgons. They often have unique special skills, but because they belong to different races, they cannot change classes.

The Many Classes Within Tactics Ogre

Angel Knights


Beast Tamers
and Dragon Tamers


and Sirens

and Liches




Sword Masters
and Valkyries

and Witches


Blue Dragons and
Dragon Zombies

Green Dragons and
Red Dragons

Thunder Dragons and
Mushus and Nagas

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