In the year 2018, mankind has overcome a number of diseases once thought incurable. Cancer, AIDS, and TFTA are nearly things of the past. However, a new plague has emerged to threaten humanity...'s called GUILT (Gangliated Utrophin Immuno Latency Toxin).

Very little is known about this new disease, but rumor has it that GUILT might be the first biological weapon used for "medical terrorism."

Our only hope may lie in Caduceus International... a semi-covert organization designed to research and treat the world's most "untreatable" diseases. Caduceus has managed to keep GUILT hidden from the public so far, but how can they possibly eliminate a disease they don't even know how to treat properly?

Meanwhile, Derek Stiles has just completed his residency and joined the surgical team at Hope Hospital, where routine clinical cases are about to become something far more serious...

What is Caduceus?

The following is a brief history on the medical organization known as Caduceus:

Late 1970's
In response to a number of natural plagues, the Department of Health and Human Services sponsored the creation of a secret medical organization called Caduceus to fight off the threat of disease.

Circa 1980
Caduceus International is established, with branches opening in Europe and Japan.

Circa 2007
"In order to create a stronger and more realistic medical organization for today's world," Secretary of Health and Human Services Richard Anderson succeeded in granting Caduceus USA complete independence from the United States Government. While still serving as Caduceus's Director, he ensured the organization could take action without having to wait for government approval.

Circa 2011
Caduceus Japan makes great strides in eliminating the H5 influenza, while research from all branches leads to a long-awaited cure for the AIDS virus. Caduceus International becomes the world's most important medical organization.

Circa 2018
Several cases of a new disease have appeared, each accompanied by a cryptic message. Caduceus is the only organization capable of dealing with this possibly world-wide threat... But, they'll have to find a way to treat it, first.

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