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The land of Solum...
A continent engulfed in a deadly mist called the Miasma. Nothing swallowed by the ancient fog ever emerged; the Miasma turned all to nothingness. This plague ushered in an age of despair. Humanity lost all hope, and was driven to the brink of insanity. Thieves, traitors, and murderers led Solum to chaos. The land became a hell on earth.
However, a ray of hope sparkled in Solum's darkest night. That hope was the Aeque religion, teaching the doctrine of "a peaceful end."
So it is written: "God's will for our broken world is destruction. Those who accept this and await their fate will be welcomed at His side."
The ideology of the Aeque freed people from their fear, but at the same time, it robbed them of their will to live. The chaos subsided. Apathy spread like a blanket as people awaited their peaceful end.
Then, a man named Dignus stepped forward. Declaring himself Overlord, Dignus gathered an army. He overthrew the kingdom of Fortuna, slaughtering the apathetic masses. As quickly as peace had come, fear began to stir the people of Solum...
Now the source of that fear, the Overlord himself, is descending on our hero’s village...

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