The follow-up to the popular Action / RPG, Shining Soul presented by Atlus U.S.A., Inc. Featuring a deeper story mode and refined multiplayer modes this is one adveture you won’t want to leave home!


  • "4 1/2 Stars" - Nintendo Power
  • "Co-op play and numerous collectibles, plus options for challenging the computer or friends to duels in the Royal Colosseum, guarantee you’ll never tire of its charms" - RZone Magazine
  • "This is the way a sequel should be done." - GMR
  • It feels a bit like Zelda and has the depth of Diablo." - Game Informer
  • seriously fun multiplayer RPG." - EGM
  •’ll be pleased with this sequel." - Play Magazine

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Title:   Shining Soul II
Genre:   Action RPG
Players:   1 to 4