Unlike other aerial combat games, SkyGunner has a camera that follows the action. Both your fighter and enemy fighters will automatically appear on-screen. There is no searching for enemies. Simply press the triangle button to instantly find them!

You can control your fighter using the directional buttons or the left analog stick, similar to controlling a radio controlled toy car. You will use the circle in the center of the screen to target enemies (unless you are flying in Tail View). If the targets are too far away, then use Speed Boost (X button) to pursue them.  

  Once you have the enemy within machine gun range, shoot them down using the square button. At that point, a new target will be selected for you automatically.

Optional weapons include:

Fireworks Missiles
  Low power, but wide explosive radius that can damage multiple enemies. Useful for destroying enemies in formation and also helpful in earning Hit Bonuses.

Dog Missiles
  These do not damage enemies but they can decrease their mobility and delay their attacks. Useful against quick enemies or cannons that are targeting you.

Cross Missiles
  These attach themselves to the target and must be detonated by machine gun fire. Since these missiles are very powerful, they are useful for destroying large, tough enemies.

Pumpkin Bombs
  Pumpkin bombs are powerful, but there's always a chance that they may explode or be destroyed before reaching the intended target. Useful against strong enemies that are not very maneuverable.

Bat Missiles
  These missiles will follow your enemy. Useful against quick enemies.


Each fighter has its own unique special maneuvers/attacks.
  1. Femme [Active Turn] - Instantly turn toward the closest enemy.
  2. Ciel [Heavy Fire, Air Brakes] - Brake in mid-air, during which time the machine guns' power will increase.
  3. Copain [Vortex] - A sequence of barrel rolls giving the fighter temporary invincibility. Can also be used to damage adjacent enemies.
  4. Rival [Air Brakes, Heavy Fire (disperse)] - Brake in mid-air, during which time the machine guns' power will increase.
  5. Hardi [Formation] - Hardi has 3 basic formations that he can ask his officers to assume: Rank, Free, Form.
    • Rank - Police fighters line up in a row on the left and right of Hardi.
    • Form - Police fighters fly in a small group.
    • Free - Police fighters fly freely, selecting their own targets.


In regards to locking-on - "Lock OK" will be displayed to the right of the targeting reticle when enemies are within range for the optional weapon currently being used. Set the targeting reticle on the target and press the circle button to lock-on. Release the button to fire. You can do greater damage to an enemy by locking-on with multiple missiles before firing.  

  In regards to continuing your game - During any one game, you are limited to 3 continues. A continue allows you to resume play at the beginning of the furthest mission that you have not yet completed. After those continues have been used, if the game ends again, you will need to restart from the beginning of the story or a previous saved file.


You begin the game with two characters to choose from: Ciel and Femme. As you progress, you can unlock other characters and special features.

Unlocking New Characters
  1. Copain becomes playable after solving the game with Femme. His fighter, Chevalier, will be available for you to use in any mode that you unlock. The difficulty of Copain in Story Mode is "difficult."
  2. Hardi becomes playable once you have solved the game with Femme, Ciel, and Copain, each being ranked #1 at the time the story was completed with that particular character.
  3. Rival becomes playable when you clear Story Mode with Ciel without being defeated by Rival.

Unlocking New Options & Hidden Modes
  1. Album Mode is unlocked by clearing Story Mode using Femme. This mode allows you to view pictures from the events you have finished, as well as the commemorative photos taken by Ventre.
  2. Time Attack Mode is unlocked by finishing Story Mode with Ciel ranked no. 1. In this mode, you will have a limited amount of time to defeat 100 enemies.
  3. Scene Select is an option that becomes available by completing the game with Femme, Ciel, Copain and Rival.
  4. Survival Mode will become available after you have completed Story Mode with Copain ranked no 1. In this mode, your goal is to survive as long as possible.
  5. Uniform Processing Mode will become available after completing Story Mode with Copain.
  6. To unlock the Detached Camera, clear the game with the SS rank for Ciel, Femme, or Copain.


How to defeat the Grandir:
  • Fire the maximum-locked Fireworks Missiles at the middle of the cannons on the neck of the Grandir. You may gain up to 13 Hits. To increase the Chains even more, damage the 4 cannons nearby a little in advance, or fire at them at the same time the enemy fighters are coming out of the hatch.
  • Destroy one side of each of the 4 engines (front and rear) attached to the main body of the Grandir. Then, attack the machine guns on Grandir's sides to create Chains. Once the shafts supporting the engines have been destroyed, the Grandir will tilt.

How to defeat the 15 fighter squad of Premiers:
  • Catch the big squad of Poulets (15 fighters) from behind and fire maximum-locked Fireworks Missiles at the leader of the squad. There's a chance you'll earn 15 Hits.

How to defeat the Exocet:
  • Increase your Bonus Count by repeatedly shooting down enemy planes and allowing them to fix their planes. When the enemy is in its circle formation, they are easy targets.
  • To get 16 Hits, fire maximum-locked Pumpkin Bombs at the leader of the enemy squad when the Exocets are taking the circle formation.

How to defeat the Dorado:
  • Fire maximum-locked Cross Missiles and two more Cross Missiles without locking at the bottom part of the Dorado's body. Then, shoot maximum-locked Fireworks Missiles twice at it.

Play in Expert Mode:
  • In Expert Mode, you can more precisely control the banking of your fighter by tilting your plane using the roll and yaw techniques.

Tips for attacking the machine soldier with your comrades:
  • In Ciel and Femme's version, you have to fire at least 3 maximum-locked cross missiles after Copain has hit the Vainqueur with a pumpkin bomb. Once you have a total of 6 maximum-lock cross missiles stuck to the machine soldier, Copain will instruct you to detonate them all together.
  • Cross missiles catch fire after a certain time and fall off of the object they are stuck to.
  • As Copain, when fighting the Vainqueur equipped with the Eternal Engine, you have to drop a Pumpkin Bomb on it. Then your comrades will fire Cross Missiles at it. You will be asked to quickly detonate these with your machine guns once there are enough.


In SkyGunner, each individual Gunner receives prize money after each mission based on his or her performance. Helpful tips for earning prize money:
  • Defeat enemies quickly to increase your Bonus Multiplier.
  • Do Hits and Chains after increasing your Bonus Multiplier.
  • Create your own patterns of Hits and Chains.
  • Defeat not only your assigned enemies but also your comrades'.


Here's how to unlock the Uniform Processing Mode. Input the following command on the title screen:

Up, Triangle, Left, Circle, Down, X, Right, Square.

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