Ciel A Gunner famous in Rive and the neighboring towns, Ciel is a natural leader. This spiky-haired youth is good friends with Copain.
Age: Early Teens
Aircraft: Avenir
Designed by: Artisan
Special Maneuver: Air Brakes, Heavy Fire
Optional Weapons: Cross Missiles, Dog Missiles, Fireworks Missiles

Copain Ciel's best pal, his skills rival those of his friend. This blue-haired pilot is very confident and can be depended on to help his friends get out of a pinch.
Age: Mid-teens
Aircraft: Chevalier
Designed by: Associe
Special Maneuver: Vortex
Optional Weapons: Pumpkin Bomb, Dog Missiles, Fireworks Missiles

Femme A new SkyGunner who's come from the industrial town of Neju to guard the museum. She is going to help Ciel and Copain stop the conniving Ventre. This green-haired lass can easily hold her own in any battle.
Age: Late Teens
Aircraft: Branche
Designed by: Horloger
Special Maneuver: Active Turn
Optional Weapons: Cross Missiles, Dog Missiles, Fireworks Missiles

Hardi The hard-nosed chief of police who has hired the Gunners to work in cooperation with the police to help provide security during the Expo being held in Rive. He and his crew provide additional support to the Gunners while battling Ventre.
Age: Middle-aged
Aircraft: Courage
Designed by: DuR
Special Maneuver: Police fighter formations [Rank, Free, Form]
Optional Weapons: n/a

Rival An arrogant, mysterious Gunner who is working for parties unknown. He appears from nowhere and challenges Ciel. His contractor wants the Eternal Engine destroyed.
Age: Late Teens / Early Twenties
Aircraft: Fantome
Designed by: Artisan
Special Maneuver: Air Brakes, Heavy Fire (disperse)
Optional Weapons: Dog Missiles, Fireworks Missiles, Bat Missiles

Ventre A criminal genius who's evaded capture for many years. With a taste for the fine arts, this audacious thief is back to plunder the Expo for the Eternal Engine and other valuable works of art.
Age: Older Gentleman
Aircraft & Machine Soldiers: Premier, Progres, Exocet, Stable, Gauche, Droit, Baleine, Grandir, Grand Magasin, Vainqueur

Poulets Ventre's servants. A Poulet is a "Perfect Automated Doll" invented by Ventre, a famous scientist and criminal mastermind. In the last 10 years, Ventre has produced over 100 Poulets! They enjoy taking part in his plans as it affords them the opportunity to play and be reckless.

The Poulets are very familiar with the use of a variety of weaponry, since they have been raised to use this type of equipment. After going through a rigorous training program, they are permitted to join Ventre's criminal organization. For them, carrying out dangerous missions is pure joy.

  Poulets who have performed above expectations can be promoted to "Leaders." As leaders, they have the opportunity to earn bonuses based on their successes. They also receive yellow uniforms signifying their status. It is a very desirable promotion for them. But with the title comes new responsibilities, and if they get lazy, they can be demoted to ordinary soldiers.

Furthermore, a Poulet who continuously does an outstanding job has the chance to be promoted to a "Butler." In this position, even larger bonuses can be earned! Butlers also receive special gray suits to signify their status. Only the two top performing Poulets will be offered positions as Ventre's personal butlers. As such, they are always busy answering phones and serving tea to Ventre.


Avenir (Ciel) This is a stable fighter which features the special "Heavy Fire" attack and "Air Brakes." When used together, these special techniques will take out tough enemies with ease. The Avenir is also one of the older fighters, built by Ciel's grandfather and family friends. However, because of its superb design, it is not easily outclassed by even the newest type of fighters.
Length: 19 ft.
Weight: 2,116 lbs.
Min. Speed: 142 mph
Max. Speed: 485 mph
Max. No. of Locks: 3
Firing Rate: 20 bullets/sec
Durability: B
Balance Recovery: B
Maneuverability: B

Chevalier (Copain) A high-speed fighter that can be used to perform the Vortex maneuver, a chain of barrel rolls that temporarily grants invincibility and can also be used to damage adjacent enemies. This well-designed aircraft was manufactured by Associť, a company whose name means "partner." Not as maneuverable as Ciel or Femme's fighters, but it does have an efficient engine.
Length: 18.5 ft.
Weight: 2,822 lbs.
Min. Speed: 186 mph
Max. Speed: 519 mph
Max. No. of Locks: 4
Firing Rate: 20 bullets/sec
Durability: B
Balance Recovery: C
Maneuverability: B

Branché (Femme) Easy to learn and handle, this fighter can bank sharply by using Active Turn, which allows the pilot to immediately turn in the direction of the nearest target. It is also a very stable fighter. The design is new, and the manufacturer, Horloger, considers the Branché to be its masterpiece. The fighter has recently been presented to Femme, and this job in Rive will be her first opportunity to use it.
Length: 17 ft.
Weight: 1,620 lbs.
Min. Speed: 75 mph
Max. Speed: 496 mph
Max. No. of Locks: 3
Firing Rate: 30 bullets/sec
Durability: A
Balance Recovery: A
Maneuverability: A

Fantôme (Rival) Not a very durable aircraft, but this fighter has extremely powerful machine guns. Rival spares no expense when it comes to maintaining and remodeling his prized fighter.
Length: 16 ft.
Weight: 2,017 lbs.
Min. Speed: 99 mph
Max. Speed: 609 mph
Max. No. of Locks: 4
Firing Rate: 60 bullets/sec
Durability: C
Balance Recovery: E
Maneuverability: A

Courage (Hardi) A durable fighter owned by the police force. Unlike most Gunners' crafts, this plane is not very fast or maneuverable. It will, however, take a beating and come away none the worse for the wear.
Length: 15 ft.
Weight: 2,513 lbs.
Min. Speed: 50 mph
Max. Speed: 360 mph
Max. No. of Locks: n/a
Firing Rate: 20 bullets/sec
Durability: S
Balance Recovery: S
Maneuverability: C


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