The mysterious traveler Darksol has worked his way into the King's graces to further his plans of resurrecting an ancient evil—the Dark Dragon. You play the role of Max, a young warrior who remembers nothing of his past.

When Guardiana is attacked, you are given an army to lead, & must unravel the mystery behind the Legacy of the Gods, lest the world perish.

"Make no mistake about it, this gaming is f&#@$%*!crack."
9/10 -
"The return of a classic; insanely fun battles; lots of playable characters."
" of Shining Force and strategy RPGs will want to keep their eyes on this..."
- GameSpot
" of the series should be happy to see such a nicely-crafted revivial of an old favorite."
" of the most revered strategy-RPGs..."

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Title:   Shining Force
Genre:   Strategy RPG
Players:   1