Robopon are robots. Here you will learn more about them!
  1. Robopon are born from Batteries! Robopon are born by combining 2 Batteries and Sparking them. You can get Batteries from people in towns or from treasure chests in dungeons. Don't miss them!
    • What Robopon will be born?
      The Battery Combination is the key!! Depending on the Battery combination you use, the Robopon born will differ. Even if you use the same NORMAL Battery, combining it with a MILD Battery produces a weak Bulbot, while a HYPER Battery gives you a Wobble, a Robopon with high defense.

  2. There are 3 Types of Robopon! Depending on the type of Robopon you have, the Parts it can / cannot equip will differ.
      Arm Type - Has very high attack power. All other parameters are also well-balanced.
      Move Type - These Robopon are very quick. Many of the Robopon of this type can be used for transportation.
      Boot Type - They are slow, but have high offense and defense. They cannot install any Parts or Software.

  3. Installing Parts and Software. Parts are components that include weapons and armor. Installing them will raise the various parameters of your Robopon. Installing Software will allow you to use various skills. Note: Using skills will diminish EP (Energy Points).

  4. Enhance Your Robopon! You can enhance your Robopon as you level up. When you enhance your Robopon, not only do your Robopon's parameters go up, but you can also learn new skills.
    • How do you Enhance?
      You can enhance your Robopon at the Robopon Lab. When the message "Enhance" appears after you level up, take your Robopon to the Lab.

  5. Customize Your Robopon! On the Menuscrin menu, if you select "Color" from the "Robopon" menu, you can alter the color of your Robopon. Use the Directional Control Pad to change your Robopon to your favorite color.

  6. During battles, you mostly attack with direct attacks and skills. You will gain experience once you defeat the enemy.

  7. Abnormal Status. Sometimes during battle you will receive an attack from the enemy and become ill. You can use items or skills to recover from these abnormal statuses. Also, your Robopon automatically recovers from abnormal statuses at the end of the battle. However, when a Robopon is Scrapped, it must be repaired at the Lab.

  8. What is the Robopon List? You can access the Robopon List from the Menuscrin menu. The List has information about the Robopon. There are 185 Robopon total! Try and complete your collection!

How to manage your Robopon:
  1. Create a Robopon by sparking 2 batteries
    *different batteries yield different Robopon
  2. Equip them with parts to battle with
    *parts affect both Attack and Defense
  3. Install Software to learn new techniques
    *having different software combinations may reveal hidden techniques
  4. Enhance your Robopon when they reach a high level
    *Robopon will become upgraded and more powerful

NOTE: You can have 4 Robopon in your fighting party at any time

Differences between the Ring and Cross versions:
  • Difficulty: Ring Version provides a quicker play-through of the game, and requires less fighting. Cross version is for the more battle-savvy gamers, requiring more battles to power up the Robopon. Cross has more Boot type Robopon who cannot equip parts, and depend on abilities learned when they level up.
  • Robopon: Especially at the beginning, there are certain Robopon who can only be built in one version or the other. Sparking the same pair of batteries will create Sunny in Ring version, but SunZero in Cross version.
  • Spirit Helpers: Later in the game, the player may find themselves lucky (or unlucky) enough to be accompanied by a Spirit. There are 10 spirits common to both versions, but each game also has 3 secret Spirits exclusive to that version.

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