Robopon 2
For the Nintendo Game Boy® Advance

Robopon makes its Game Boy® Advance debut with an all new story, improved graphics and 4 player multiplayer!
Highlights and Key Features:
  • Participate in an all new time-traveling adventure 3 times larger than the original!
  • More everything! Collect over 180 new Robopon! Three times the amount of areas to explore! Exciting new parts and software for upgrading your Robopon!
  • Play a multitude of mini-games against the computer, or with up to 3 of your friends (4 players total) via the Game Boy Advance Game Link® cable!
  • New Sparking System allows you and a friend to connect via the Game Boy Advance Game Link® cable to create new Robopon!
  • Personalize your Robopon by customizing its colors, parts, software and even attack methods!
  • All new battle system allows you to take an entire party of Robopon into battle!
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