Here we will explain the Route Maneuver System, which lets you unleash a chain of attacks!

       Until now, the majority of turn-based strategy games were locked into a pattern of Move,
       then Attack. In this game, however, moving is attacking! This system allows for consecutive
       attacks depending on the route you take, making it simple, profound, and one-of-a-kind.


       Tactical Route Choice
       Your choice of route can allow you to escape
       from enemies or try to attack several of them
       in a single move. However, a character's route
       cannot double back or cut across itself, so
       planning your route is very important.

       Attacking Multiple Units
       If the enemy is clustered together, you can
       attack several of them at once. You will
       attack the enemies in the order that you
       pass through them, but if any of them should
       counter-attack or otherwise block your
       advance, your run will end. Plan your attacks
       based on the abilities of your units.





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