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It might look like a dead end, but if you inspect your surroundings, a path may open up. Try various action Triggers in LOOK mode. If the enemy is too strong and you canít defeat it, select "Retry". You will start the battle again with certain advantages. When new items are obtained, use them in practice battles to learn Over Skills. Then, your characters' stats will increase, too. Also, items' endurance wonít decrease in practice battles, unless an item is stolen by an enemy.

Leveling Up:

By using an item during battle, the Mastery Gauge will go up. Once the gauge has been filled, the character will learn an Over Skill at the end of the battle.

Note: When you run from a battle or if your character is defeated, the points earned on the Mastery Gauge will not count. However, if you end a practice battle before it is over, you will keep the points youíve earned.

In any battle, once an Execution level skill has been used, the Over Drive Gauge will shatter, and you will no longer be able to use Over Skills until your next battle. Also note that if the Over Drive Gauge is not full enough, then an Over Skill cannot be used.

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