The Wingless Angel

The main character of the story. To receive his power, he had to sacrifice his wings. He has a strong Diviner, Einherjar, even though hes not very experienced.

The Solitary Angel

Calm and taciturn, Ledah is one of the strongest angels of Asgard. Wielding the Diviner Lorelei, he accompanies Ein on a mission to actuate "The Retribution."

The Crimson Witch

A master of strong magic, shes looking for a friend she got separated from while searching for spell ingredients at the ruins.

Last of the Arcs

An Arca race of Sprites. She attacks enemies using a scythe. Very outgoing with a tomboy-ish personality and bat-like wings.

The Spunky Archer

She is an energetic girl, with good archery skills. Full of curiosity, she sometimes ends up making trouble. She especially likes playing and eating fruit.

The Kind Fencer

She is a kind-hearted girl who lives with other Sprites in the forest town of Elendia. She is always reliable and supports everyone with her healing magic.

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