River City High is an ordinary high school. At least, it was until two punks calling themselves the Dragon Twins transferred in. Soon there were fights in the halls, threats, and teachers living in fear. The Dragon Twins brought out the worst in the student body. Then, one day, gangs seized the quiet town in a grip of fear, and the Twins took control of River City High. Nobody could get in or out.

Luckily, Alex wasn't in school the day it was taken over. Seeing his school trapped under the rule of the Dragon Twins, Alex knew someone bigger was behind this mess, and he set off to find out just who that someone was. He'd need help, and there was only one dude in town as bad as Alex, even if they were lifelong rivals.

At nearby Cross Town High, Ryan left class and walked down the hall to his locker. When he opened it, he noticed a small piece of paper tucked between two books. He unfolded the note to find this message:



A senior at River City High and the most popular guy in school. Though tough, and a bit rebellious, Alex is kind-hearted and tries to defend those who need help. He got his reputation as a scrapper back in junior high, when he fought a gang of street thugs to save his friends, Simon and Roxy. Since then, people have looked past his below average grades because of his fighting abilities and heroic nature.


The most popular senior at Cross Town High. Because of his status at the neighboring school, Ryan is Alex's lifelong rival. There is no love lost between the two at school sporting events, where they often go head-to-head. Though more academic than Alex, Ryan can still hold his own in a fight. He's stubborn and usually doesn't ask for help but he may have to in order to save his girlfriend, Cyndi.

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Title:   River City Ransom EX
Genre:   Side Scrolling Fighting
Players:   1