WANT SOME! GET SOME! The classic NES game returns with a vengeance with improved graphics and even more chop-socky RPG action than before!


  • Play Magazine: "With hundreds of items and RPG-like stat-tracking, side-scrolling beat-'em-ups just don't get any deeper than this. And with tons of options and new features like CPU allies, this version is even better than the endearing original."

  • IGN.com: "Ten Big GBA Games of 2003"

  • GameSpot.com: "...a welcome addition to the Game Boy Advance library for all fans of the original game."

  • RPGamer.com: "...With slapstick inspired combat, quirky graphics, and addictive character building potential, RCR EX should help while away those lonely summer nights when it's released..."

  • GamePro.com: "...RCREX is looking worthy of the River City Ransom name."

  • GameSpy.com: "It was a riot on the NES, and now it's headed to your GBA."

  • 1up.com: "...the sort of update NES fans have been waiting for."

  • GameDAILY.com: "...sure to delight fans of the series."

  • The Armchair Empire: "Two words: YEE-HA! A straight resurrection of RCR would be fine and dandy but with all the EXtra features this could be one of the best handheld titles ever!"

  • Gaming Target: "...one of the GBA's most anticipated titles of the year."

  • AdvanceGB.com: "...neigh perfect combination of great yet simple graphics, humorous style, fantastic controls and possibly the most technically impressive fight engine in a brawler ever."

  • GamecubeNetwork.com: "Do yourself a favor and pick this up when it comes out."

  • Nintendo Advance Online: "...addictive gameplay..."

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Title:   River City Ransom EX
Genre:   Side Scrolling Fighting
Players:   1