Puyo puzzlers rejoice as the fever returns on the Nintendo DS with exclusive features not found on any other system! With its unique Touch Screen control and 8-player simultaneous puzzle action with a single Game Card, this is the definitive version of the classic puzzle game.

Everything that you loved about Puyo POP is here as you puzzle your way through the ultimate combo creator: Fever Mode! This is where you'll throw as many chains together as possible in order to crush your opponents with unbreakable Nuisance Puyos. When the Giant Puyo appears, change its color and watch those triple and quadruple Puyo combos pop. You can go it alone and go for top score in Endless Mode and the brand new Story Mode, or play with up to 8 players with single-card download play! Do you have the fever!?

Puyo POP FEVER Key Features:
  • DS Exclusive! Play up to 8 players with Single-Card download play!
  • DS Exclusive! Unique touch screen controls!
  • Play as any one of 14 crazy characters.
  • New puzzle pieces feature triple and quadruple sets.
  • Customize your Puyo POP game to your liking!
  • Jump right into the action or learn advanced techniques in the training course.

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