Take the Pro Fishing Challenge!

Cast your line, set your hook, and prepare for the most realistic fishing simulation on the Xbox. Pro Fishing Challenge replicates all the excitement and tension of fishing without having to leave the comfort of your living room.

Participate in one of the many Tournament Modes and earn money to buy the latest tackle and equipment. You can also choose to relax and just enjoy the scenery on any one of the four photorealistic lakes.

Once you think you've mastered the single player modes, you can take your angling skills to the ultimate test and challenge the best fisherman on "Xbox Live".


"...one of the most complex fishing games to date."
- IGN.com
"...if you wish to fish, odds are you'll find this game delish."

"Pro Fishing Challenge isn't for those looking for a pleasant troll on the lake; this is a true fishing simulator..."

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Title:   Pro Fishing Challenge
Genre:   Sports
Console:   XBox
Players:   1-8

Game Experience May
Change During Online Play