The legendary idol Risette makes her long-awaited comeback

Rise Kujikawa

But what’s this about rumors of disappearing idols

Kanamin Kitchen An up-and-coming idol group belonging to the same agency as Rise.


We can’t leave them there...! We have to rescue them! Rise alerts the rest of the Investigation Team, and with all her friends assembled, she enters the Midnight Stage on a mission to rescue the new breed of idols!


The Investigation Team, The battles in this Persona game involve dancing!?

Investigation Team


In this game, you drive back Shadows by dancing! And not just Rise, but the whole Investigation Team will perform passionately in dance battles! Call on your favorite character to dance and zero in on the truth of this latest mystery!

The Investigation Team makes theirTV debut at the “LMB Fest”!

It was because of a certain request from Rise Kujikawa that Yu Narukami and his friends brought the Investigation Team back together—I’m making my showbiz comeback at a big event called the LMB Festival, and I want you all onstage with me as my backup dancers...!


After accepting Rise’s request, Yu and the others practice hard to learn their dance steps in time for the show...And as the day of the performance draws nearer... one evening, Yu, Rise, and Naoto test out a certain rumor, resulting in them being dragged into another world.This eerie world, swarming with bizarre creatures known as Shadows, is called the Midnight Stage...They find that any use of aggressive force, including the usage of their Personas—the manifestations of their strength of heart—holds no power in this strange environment.Yu and his friends realize that the only way to confront the Shadows of this world is through the power of dance. Though they face a mystery different from the alternate world they know, or the Shadows they’ve encountered before, the Investigation Team leaps back into action!

To save the members of Kanamin Kitchen, they challenge the Midnight Stage!

The investigation goes on in the real world! Kanami and the Dojima family pursue the case!

Meanwhile, Yu’s uncle Ryotaro Dojima and his daughter Nanako come to the city to watch him and his friends perform at LMB Fest.After losing contact with Yu, they look for him together, and instead encounter Kanami Mashita—bewildered over the disappearance of the members of Kanamin Kitchen, the idol group she belongs to. Kanami asks Dojima to help her search for her missing costars.


The Investigation Team searches through the world called the Midnight Stage, dancing through all obstacles in their path.Back in the real world, Kanami, Nanako, and Dojima work together to pursue the truth behind this mystery.

Nanako Dojima

Kanami Mashita


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