The Legend of Legacy



Many adventurers have set their sights on the island of Avalon, in search of fame, glory, and riches. Unfortunately, few have survived the island's perils...
Ten years ago, the island mysteriously appeared in the Northern Sea. It is a land of mystery and magic, full of untold relics and ancient creatures!
The spirits of nature cannot normally be seen by human eyes, but on Avalon, there are constant rumors of elemental sightings... What power did the old gods leave behind on this isle?
Legends tell of a lost relic, the Star Graal, said to grant immortality, or eternal youth, or infinite wealth, or a variety of other miracles... Many believe that Avalon is the Graal's final resting place.
Initium is Avalon's only settlement and the only safe place for adventurers. It is the base of operations for all parties who would brave the island's dangers.
In time, this may become your hometown as well...