There are quite a number of crazy things you can do in Go!Go! Hypergrind, and we'll start off with the basics first.

>> The Basics:

As a general overview, you can speed up and down, turn, perform recoveries, and quick turns. As for basic tricks, you can do: Ollies, Air Appeals, Flip Appeals, Grind Appeals, Lip Appeals, Pole Appeals, Manual Appeals, Riding Switch, Reverts, Recoveries, and Quick Turns, among others.

>> The Negative Reaction System:

A Negative Reaction is when a character intentionally interacts with something in the environment that will hurt or humiliate him/her, such as getting flattened by a car. You do this when you are near a Reaction Point and pressing the X button to enter the state.

The Negative Reaction state is the key to attaining crazy scores, as it allows you to string together Appeals easier by giving you a time cushion to perform your next Appeal. Performing multiple Negative Reactions will keep you in the Negative Reaction state longer and will also increase your Appeal multiplier.

Once you have entered the Negative Reaction state, the Negative Reaction Gauge will appear in the bottom center of the screen. The gauge will slowly deplete until you do another Negative Reaction. You can slow down the rate at which the gauge empties by continuing to do tricks while in the Negative Reaction state.

>> Modes of Play:

Freeride mode:
  • Single Session: Participate in a 2 minute skate session to rack up a killer score and try to set some records. You might receive a reward if you're good enough. Note that if you return to a Gimmick that you have already used within your last 5 Negative Reactions, then your multiplier will be reduced by half. Also note that if you continue skating after the time is up, the instructor will chase after you and knock you off your board, so be careful, or you might lose your combo!
  • Free Ride: Practice without having to worry about a time limit. Skate until the cows come home, and when you’re ready, take on Story Mode or Single Session Mode. Special items such as SPUMCO illustrations can be earned by achieving certain ranks (A+/S/Bronze/Silver/Gold). Each stage has 12 different items you can earn. If you earn a particular rank more than once and have not yet received the prize for a rank beneath it, then you will be awarded the prize for the lower rank.
  • Tutorial: Learn the basics of controlling your character.
Story mode:

In this mode, you select a character and try to outskate your rivals while aiming for the lead role in SPUMCO’s new cartoon. Audition against other CPU characters for the lead role! You will compete in 5 RANK MATCHES (ROUNDS) per stage. There are 8 stages in all. Types of RANK MATCHES include:
  • Appeal Champ: The character with the highest score wins! (Your session will end when you run out of time, even if you are in the middle of a combo.)
  • Race: Collect 3 different colored coins and reach the goal before your opponent does.
  • Simon Says: Complete as many Negative Reactions as possible in the order indicated before time runs out.
  • Link Appeal: Score as many points as possible for a single Appeal Link.
  • Battle:Reduce your opponent’s life bar to nothing to win.
  • Mini Game: Goals will vary. For example, in Haunted Night, you are asked to smash as many pumpkins as possible within the allotted time.
VERSUS mode:

  • Appeal Champ: The player with the higher appeal score when the round is over wins. An unfinished Link can be completed even if time has expired (not available in IP vs. COM mode).
  • Race: To win, be the first across the red gate after collecting all three coins (red, yellow, and blue). Collect colored coins by using various Gimmicks to perform Negative Reactions. Performing Reactions will also earn you items to hinder your opponent.
  • Simon Says: The player who successfully does the most Negative Reactions as indicated wins. When either player performs the designated Reaction, then the icon and name of the next one will appear in the center of the screen.
  • Push: To win, squeeze your opponent off the screen. While in the Reaction State, perform Appeals to move the yellow line towards your opponent. Perform another Reaction to move the split line, and then repeat the process. If time runs out, the player with the most screen area wins.
  • Battle: The player that reduces his/her opponent’s life bar to nothing wins! The C Stick can be used to fire an object in any direction, but objects can only be fired when in a Reaction condition. An arrow will point to the location of your opponent. (Green = Far, Red = Close)

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