From the creator of Lara Croft™ comes an epic adventure filled with action, mystery, romance and revenge…

The charming yet tough-as-nails Rhama Sabrier is always up for adventure. So when a wise healer offers Rhama a small fee to assess a mysterious ship, there is little hesitation. What follows is an amazing journey to discover the source of incredible powers – before a treacherous enemy does…

Daredevil heroics, superhuman fighting skills and jaw-dropping athletics are delivered through groundbreaking and effortless controls.

Explore a beautiful, original world spanning six islands - each of epic scale and detail.

Hours of exploration and challenge unravel peerless storytelling with unforgettable characters.

Female company for our hero includes Faith, redheaded mystic healer and Mihoko, oriental martial arts master.


Finding the Treeship PtII
Howling winds tear at the sails of the skipper Endeavour as they are hurriedly hoisted. Thunder and lightning rip across the skies, briefly illuminating...
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