The Finding of the Treeship - posted 08/08/03

Galleon begins with Rhama being summoned to the island of Akbah by world famous healer Areliano, where after he embarks on a quest to discover the origins of a mysterious ship that could hold the key to incredible powers and thereby, untold wealth, what follows is an account of how the ship came to be in Areliano's possession…

Dawn…the sun is barely up, sea mist lingers all around - yet to be burnt off by the weak morning sun. Three fishermen from the small island of Akbah go about their task, hauling in the morning catch with the bored disinterest of men who've been doing the job all their lives. Trading tall tales and local gossip they look forward to returning to harbour for a warm meal and stiff drink.

The last of the catch of the morning is being hauled aboard - when one of the men gives a startled shout. Not 100 feet away, the prow of a massive ship can be seen looming out of the mists and slowly drifting towards them. The ship's sails hang loose in the still air; no movement or light can be seen on its decks. It drifts towards them and the fishermen watch silently, their catch forgotten, straining to hear a sound from onboard. As the vast hull moves next to them, the fishermen fear the worst; only pirates, who value secrecy and stealth above safety, would sail through mists without ringing their ships bell. Images of cutthroats crouching just out of sight on the deck above them, ready to jump down and attack, fill the fishermen with terror. But an attack never comes, the ship glides silently past them, and before long is swallowed up by the mists again.

The fishermen, who had been transfixed by the eerie ship, blink and look around them again, as though waking from a dream. As one man they grab for the oars and start rowing back to Akbah as fast at their tiny boat will carry them.

Before long the story of the Fishermen's encounter with the mysterious ship is on the lips of every man woman and child of Akbah, the tale growing and becoming more unlikely with each retelling. Hours later, when Areliano, governor of the island, hears about it, he commissions the bravest of the islanders to take him to this mysterious ship.

With the sun now up and the weather clear, it is not long before they catch up with the galleon, its sails flapping uselessly in the gentle breeze. In daylight it is clear that this ship is designed and built like nothing they have seen before.

After failing to get any response from ship, Areliano decides to board her and carry out an inspection. What he finds aboard changes his life forever. Although very knowledgeable about many cultures of the world, Areliano is baffled by what he sees. After much consideration he realises that he is out of his depth. In order to discover the meaning behind this ship he must call in someone who is famous for becoming embroiled in mystery and adventure. He must call on the talents of Captain Rhama Sabrier.

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