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Being an explorer and cartographer, Rhama has visited many places and met many people during his career. Inevitably not everyone he meets is welcoming. It's a hazard of the profession.

Rhama spent a good deal of his youth in the Orient, where he learned to use Qing-Gong; an art that allows him to jump and climb with incredible power. While there though, he also mastered various fighting techniques, and over the years he has fused them to create his own unique style. Though proficient in hand-to-hand combat, Rhama's greatest skill is with a sword. Rhama's sword style is designed to allow him to deal with a great number of enemies at once, indeed its final culminating move "Wrath of the Dragon" can take down a whole gang of enemies at once.

Normal Attacks
Rhama's martial arts are all about fighting with grace and agility. Chaining together moves not only increases Rhamas's damage, but also unlocks the more advanced techniques for a limited amount of time.

Multi Attacks
In difficult battles when Rhama is in danger of being overwhelmed, he can expend some of his own strength to initiate a multiple attack. These attacks are things like spinning kicks or charges. They are a great way to break up a big group or take charge of a difficult situation

Rhama can also grab his opponents and do some close up damage or just throw them around. In fact throwing enemies off cliffs or into walls is an excellent way to deal some big damage to particularly difficult opponents.

Special Moves
Rhama has access to Special attacks that are even more devastating through the combo system. Moves like Wonder Palm, and the Nerve Blocking Technique are advanced techniques that you will need to discover how to use yourself.

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