Jabez - "Understudy & Servant" - posted 27/06/03

Jabez has lived on Akbah with Areliano for many years now, but little is known of this complex and mysterious character...

Not much is known about Jabez's past, he came to the island about nine years ago looking for work and Areliano (showing typical kindness) took him in as understudy.

Jabez now lives and works on Akbah. He hopes to one-day match or surpass Areliano's powers, and can often be found in the library researching far into the twilight hours.

Jabez has taken a special liking to Areliano's daughter, Faith. Often going out of his way to try and impress her. The arrival of the dashing Rhama Sabrier to Akbah has swept Faith off her feet and needless to say Jabez is not impressed.

He is cunning and wily, often curt with facts and bends the truth to suit his needs.

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