Areliano - "Healer & Mage" - posted 20/06/03

Rhama's quest begins when he is summoned to the small island of Akbah by Areliano to investigate some strange objects, what follows is a brief background of this legendary man...

Areliano is a powerful healer with mystical powers and magical abilities, which are imbued in his staff.

He lives on the small island of Akbah . He set up shop on Akbah when it was only a sparsely populated outcrop. He was attracted to the island because of its abundance of fauna and mushrooms essential to many healing remedies. Now it is home to a hardy bunch of islanders who live in a small hamlet on the east side of the island.

Areliano's house is more remote than most, and sits on a plateau someway above the village and shop, where he can work in peace.

From here Areliano researches, collects, prepares and administers his various remedies and potions, attracting custom from many miles away. He employs one understudy called Jabez and also enlists the help of his daughter Faith.

Faiths mother died while she was young, leaving Areliano to raise her by himself. He has started to teach Faith in the healing arts and minor magiks.

Areliano maintains an interest in ancient objects and literature, so when a strange Galleon turns up on his doorstep he is fascinated about its possible origins and enlists the help of Rhama

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