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Good Story...

A good story is central to making a player care about your game. A lack of a story means that becoming emotionally attached is impossible. Galleon aims to immerse you in its world with an incredibly rich plot and great characters that will take you on an emotional roller coaster.

The story and game were designed hand in hand so both fit together seamlessly complementing each other and adding to the atmosphere, the story also gives credence to the puzzles, which are woven into the game.

Draw Them In
The best way to draw you into a game is through the character you are controlling. In this case Rhama. He has enough, personality, and charm for ten people - in Galleon's first level - which acts as an introduction and training level, you get to learn about Rhama, the other characters, the world you are in and the back-story to the coming adventure.

Galleon presents characters that actually appear to have emotions and thoughts of their own, the Actormation technology that is employed goes along way towards helping bring out the characters emotions. You can clearly see them roll their eyes, bite a lip, wink, grin, frown, etc adding enormously to the level of emotion they display. This way people can actually begin to relate to the game character, maybe even care about them. Then they are put in to a position where their loyalties are tested, their emotions toyed with, and faced with the unexpected.

Add Rhama's relationship with the two female characters mihoko and faith to this - each with their own subplots, and the emotional attachments to the game become even stronger. Rhama's relationship with them works on a direct and simple level, similar to the telling of a Disney film, making its pulls on the heartstrings even more effective.

Galleons characters are clear and well defined, they are honest and likable. During the game they must deal with emotions like greed, love, loss and revenge, which is important if you don't want to undermine the believability that has been won though careful story telling. These characters, an immersive world brimming with life, intrigue, revenge, romance, giant monsters and exploration all add up to a great story that really grabs you and draws you in.

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