Islands of Mystery - posted 22/10/02

A good story is central to making a player care about your game. A lack of a story means that becoming emotionally attached is impossible. Galleon aims to immerse you ints world with an incredibly rich plot and great characters that will take you on an emotional roller coaster...

The first island that you will encounter is the bustling port town of Akbah . Here you can soak up the atmosphere as you meet up with the locals, sample the grog, barter with the shopkeepers and possibly liase with some ladies of questionable moral values! Be warned though, not everybody is friendly.

The town and surrounding areas are vibrant and lush with grassy green knolls, waterfalls, butterflies and seagulls. The town houses and shops are heavily influenced by the Tudor period, with their olde world characteristics- large dark oak beams, low ceilings and creaky floors. Venturing out from the town towards the coastal areas the land becomes rockier, with many treacherous sheer cliffs to watch out for. Often the cliffs contain secret small tunnels and caves. Akbah is the perfect environment to introduce you to Rhama's full catalogue of moves and teach you the skills that will be vital for later stages in the game-play.

Your quest will eventually take you to the second island where Calverly, an eccentric old friend resides on a dormant volcano that is still cooling. Calverly's Island isn't anywhere near as welcoming as the first. The wildlife will not be pleased to see you - in fact most of it will be likely see you as their next meal! The only signs of human existence are the shelters cobbled together from driftwood, old shipwrecks and a complex system of lifts and pulleys used for reaching Calverly's home. Calverly dwells at the top of the volcanic island in a shack next to where two giant statues depicting Neptune the sea god are given pride of place.

The third island is incredibly vast; it is really two islands connected by a series of rocky outcrops. The first sub island is extremely hostile and inhabitable it is used only as a prison and a gladiatorial combat arena. The second of the sub islands contains a vast palace, which is the home to the mighty Governor. The palace has a distinct Eastern feel to it. Featuring towering minuets with domed roofs that are encrusted with gold and other precious materials. The elaborate interiors are no less ornate - brightly coloured in eastern styles with mosaics, lavish Persian rugs and gold everywhere.

The final two islands are much more remote than the previous three mentioned but we won't be giving anything away about these!

Each island takes our testers on average 5 or 6 hours to complete, although this will vary a lot for most players depending on whether they wish to explore the island further. It isn't all plain sailing - various ruffians, henchmen and other nastiness will be making your task considerably harder. Opponents range from super skilled, overpowering humans to monster crabs and gigantic beasts of up to three hundred times your size! Plus the puzzles get more fiendish as you progress.

Travel between islands is handled through in game cut-scenes. At the beginning and end of each level the plot is furthered and the scene is set for next episode. As the 'outro' scene for one island ends, the 'intro' for the next level starts continuing the adventure. Each island has its own distinct feel, and have been carefully crafted by our level artists to be fun to play and beautiful to look at. During your journey through the Islands of mystery you will see many incredible sights; huge monsters, fiendish traps, incredible riches and you will also meet a host of colourful people, both friends and foes - The voyage of a lifetime.

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