The Finding of the Treeship Pt 2 - posted 01/09/03

Galleon begins with Rhama being summoned to the island of Akbah by world famous healer Areliano, where after he embarks on a quest to discover the origins of a mysterious ship that could hold the key to incredible powers and thereby, untold wealth, what follows is an account of how the ship came to be in Areliano's possession…

Howling winds tear at the sails of the skipper Endeavour as they are hurriedly hoisted. Thunder and lightning rip across the skies, briefly illuminating the heaving oceans, torrential rain whips and lashes at everyone on deck. The [ships] boson fights the wheel using all of his mighty strength to try and keep the skipper pointing into the waves

Below deck Captain Rhama Sabrier scans the charts for the nearest port, hoping to plot a course that will take him and his crew to safety. The sickening rolls and lurches of the Endeavour make his task is all the more difficult - the creaking of tortured beams reverberates throughout the hull, the reading lamp swings wildly, casting shadows every which way. Struggling to stay upright Rhama stares at his charts in desperation.

Suddenly the shrill cry of an unseen bird pierces the sounds of the storm for the briefest of moments before the sound is snatched away by fierce winds.

Almost immediately lots of shouting breaks out on deck, fearing the worst Rhama makes it on-deck just in time to see a magnificent bird of prey disappearing into the storm, before he can say a word one of the crew hands him a piece of parchment that he claim the bird was carrying, Rhama skims the parchment and after a moments thought shouts for the boson to try and make for Akbah!

Rhama sails through the storm all night praying that the winds subside and that the ship holds till morning. Finally at dawn the winds begin to die down and with the rising of the sun comes calmer weather…. and the sight of Akbah on the horizon. Rhama gives the letter from Areliano a final read and heads to the front of the skipper Endeavour to ponder what awaits him and his brave crew.

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