Rhama Sabrier: Captain, hero and all-round Good Egg.

Rhama is the main character of Galleon.

He and his small crew sail the uncharted oceans, seeking out adventure in the swift clipper, Endeavour.

He is a buccaneer who willingly becomes embroiled in whatever escapades he stumbles across.

Rhama is a hero of almost mythical proportions. He is tougher, faster and more agile than any normal human could ever hope to be. He is a sincere, courageous and moral man but he still doesn't take himself too seriously.


Rhamas voice goes a long way to bringing him to life and oozes charm, wit and cheekiness!

"Still haven't had enough?"
"Please, call me Rhama"
"Avast ye scurvy scum"

Lots of cool fighting moves in these screens.

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