T S U N A M I   B O M B !

Disgaea: Hour of Darkness to feature the song "The Invasion from Within"

Atlus formed an exclusive partnership with the punk band Tsunami Bomb to feature the song "The Invasion from Within" in Disgaea: Hour of Darkness.

The English version will feature a modified soundtrack featuring the song "The Invasion from Within" from Tsunami Bomb along with an all new English voice over cast. The Japanese option will feature an unedited version of the Japanese game with all of the original music and voices intact.

The band issued the following statement. "We have a couple of video game fanatics in our band, so we are extremely excited to contribute "The Invasion From Within" to the soundtrack of Disgaea: Hour of Darkness. The dark mood of the song is a perfect compliment to the atmosphere of the game and we can't wait to play it!" - Tsunami Bomb

"Tsunami bomb rocks!" said Gail Salamanca, Marketing Manager at Atlus. "We wanted to give consumers a very different experience with both language versions and I think we've accomplished that with the inclusion of "The Invasion from Within" in Disgaea's soundtrack. With its gothic overtones and Agent M's intense vocals, the song is a natural fit for the game. It truly does convey the most exciting and intense moments in the game. Atlus is very excited with its collaboration with Tsunami Bomb as it will provide an amazing cross-promotional opportunity in both the music and videogame community."

Tsunami Bomb: the 4-piece punk band formed toward the end of the 20th century in Petaluma, California; a sleepy Northern California bay area suburb and home to some of the greatest punk bands in the history of the genre, a virtual hot-bed, the next Seattle?

…or not.

But truthfully, the newest band to sign to worldwide indie Kung Fu Records has raised the bar for punk rock debut albums with their immaculate collection of songs on The Ultimate Escape, produced by Steve Kravac (MxPx, Less Than Jake) and hitting stores across the globe on September 3, 2002.

On the road no one works harder than Tsunami Bomb. 10,000 copies of their EP (The Invasion From Within) did not sell by accident. It was incessant touring that led to such sales and a wild-yet-polished live show with arguably the most likeable and "in control" female front-person in the business.

Singer Agent M is a complete package, possessing a rare combination of sweetness, beauty, talent, and power. That's the only way to pull off the "girl sings for punk band" thing and these kids have made it a blast to experience.

Visit them on the web at www.tsunamibomb.com.

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