Team Attacks
When a character attacks an enemy, if there are allies next to him/her, there will be times when a Team Attack will occur.

The conditions for a Team Attack are as follows:

  • The initial attacker must be next to the target.
  • The support characters must be next to the initial attacker.

As long as they are next to the initial attacker, characters who have already finished their actions may participate in Team Attacks. Team Attacks will not occur if the initial attacker uses a Special Technique or attacks from long range using a spear, bow, or gun.

Depending on the level of affinity between the adjacent allies, the "Chance of Team Attack" will vary. If the "Chance of Team Attack", which is displayed in the top left corner, is low, then a Team Attack will most likely not result when the selected character attacks the enemy.

Ex. 1: Team Attack with 1 ally Initial Attacker
Ex. 2: Team Attack with 2 allies Ally
Ex. 3: Team Attack with 3 allies Enemy

As you can see, you can use the positioning of characters to your advantage. Enemies can also use Team Attacks, so be careful...

Long range attacks like the one pictured will not result in a Team Attack!

If you attack the same enemy consecutively during one turn, it is considered a "Combo".

As the Combo Count goes up, so does the amount of damage dealt to the enemy. Using this technique along with Team Attacks, you will be able to defeat many strong foes.

On top of that, Combos also build up the Bonus Gauge faster than normal attacks. They are a great way to rack up high bonuses.

Combo Count
Total Damage


In order to do a Combo, you must attack the same enemy consecutively. It doesn't matter if normal attacks or Special Techniques are used, but the order the attacks are assigned does make a difference. If a different enemy is attacked by any character, the Combo Count will reset.

Height and Direction
The success of an attack will be heavily influenced by the direction from which a character attacks as well as the relative height of that character to the target. In this game, height is measured in DM (tenths of a meter). If you attack the enemy from a higher position, you can deal major damage. But if you attack from a lower position, you will most likely deal less damage. The same is true for enemy characters. In other words, whoever has the high ground has the advantage.

The direction a character attacks from can also affect how much damage is dealt to an opponent. While an attack from either side will deal more damage than from the front, an attack from behind will be the most devastating. This applies to both allies and enemies. Remember, by taking advantage of your environment, you can gain the upper hand.

If the difference in height between two combatants is too great, attacking may not be possible.

There are times when a character may be afflicted with an ailment caused by magic or a Special Technique. Ailments can be cured with items, magic, or at the Netherworld Hospital.

Types of Ailments
PSN: Poison. Lose HP every turn.
SLP: Sleep. Cannot perform any action (will automatically recover with time)
PAR: Paralysis. Cannot move, but actions can still be taken.
FGT: Forget. Cannot use Special Techniques.
DPR: Depraved. Will not gain any experience.


This section explains two important features of the game, The Dark Assembly and the Item World.


What is the Dark Assembly?
At the Assembly, there are two important things you can do, create characters and submit proposals. For simple requests, the Assembly will not need to debate, but for important proposals, you'll need the Assembly's approval. Don't ignore the Dark Assembly or life in the Netherworld will not be easy.

Mana and Building Mana
In order to summon the Assembly, you must build up Mana (energy). Mana is gained by defeating enemies. The stronger the enemy, the more Mana your character will gain. Only the character who deals the final blow to an enemy will receive Mana, so a character that hasn't defeated anyone will not be able to summon the Assembly. Keep that in mind when deciding who will finish off the enemy.

Creating Characters
By creating characters at the Assembly, you can add allies to your party, regardless of where you are in the story. At first, only characters of basic classes can be created.

Also, only low level capabilities can be selected for these characters. A character's overall capability is related to his/her basic abilities and rate of growth.

There are several ways of increasing the variety of classes and capabilities of characters available to you. One way is by leveling up your characters. When they reach a certain level, a new class may appear.

There are many hidden classes
See if you can discover how to unlock them on your own...

Take the Promotion Exam
If you select "Promotion Exam" when visiting the Assembly, you will be thrown into battle. Only the character taking the exam may participate in this battle. If you pass the exam, your "Rank" will go up. As your Rank goes up, there will be more proposals you can present, and Senators with greater "Influence" will begin to participate in the sessions. It is to your advantage to get Senators with high Influence on your side, but be careful not to get on their bad side.

If you fail the Promotion Exam, it's game over! Don't push your luck!

Presenting Proposals to the Assembly
More proposals become available to you as your Rank increases. For proposals that require the approval of the Assembly, the Senators will hold a vote. The weight of a Senator's vote is based on how much Influence he/she has, so it is not just a matter of majority rules. When you are ready for the Senate to begin voting, open the menu by pressing ?. If the difference in points between the Yeas and the Nays is equal to or greater than the Mana required to present the proposal, then the proposal will pass.

Simply put, for the proposal to pass, the following equation must hold true: Points for Yeas - Points for Nays ? Mana required for proposal

Think carefully before you submit a proposal, or you may end up wasting Mana.

Of course, if the proposal is rejected, you can always "Persuade by Force", but that is not recommended early in the game. (If you lose, it's game over.)


What is the Item World?
The Item World is the world inside all items. There are many troublesome "Residents" dwelling inside the Item World that it might be best to subjugate. Be careful, though, because some are quite strong. If you don't level up before challenging them, you will probably face a humiliating defeat.

To enter the Item World of an item you have equipped, you must first unequip that item. Keep in mind that you cannot take that particular item with you because you are going inside of that item. Don't forget to equip something in its place.

Leveling Up Items
With each floor that you clear, the item will gain a level. The farther down you go, the stronger the enemies become. You can only exit the Item World after every 10th floor. Make sure that you are prepared before entering.

Find the Specialists!
There are good Residents, too. They are called "Specialists". If you press ? at the Item Status Screen, you may see a job title such as "Gladiator" or "Sentry" displayed on the screen. That means that somewhere in that Item World there are Specialists with those particular jobs - Specialists that can raise the ATK and DEF stats of the item. When you encounter them in the Item World, they act as neither friend nor foe. If you are able to defeat them, they will submit to Laharl and power up the item they inhabit.

Moving Residents
Once you defeat Specialists, you can move them from one item to another, transferring their abilities/bonuses too. There is a limit to the size of the population for each item, however. When transferring Specialists, you cannot exceed this limit. If, for instance, the description of an item reads "Pop. 5/12", that means that currently there are 5 Residents living in the item, and the item can hold a maximum of 12. The population limit is determined by the item's "Rarity".

Combining Residents
When the population reaches its limit, you can combine Residents to make more room. Select "Combine Residents", and then choose an item. Combining Residents only works when more than 1 Specialist of the same job are inhabiting a particular Item World. Doing so will allow you to reorganize your Residents and further power up an item, as new Residents can be moved inů By repeating this process you can make powerful items.

The rarer an item (the lower its Rarity), the more valuable it is. The rarest items are called "Rares" and "Legends". Rares and Legends are powerful items that allow for large populations. Their Item Worlds also have more floors than normal items, which means their levels can be increased higher. They are extremely handy to have.

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