Baroque, a term derived from the Portuguese word "barroco" (distorted pearl), refers to "distorted fantasies" in this world. People who live in this devastated world cling to their Baroques in order to survive. These fantasies not only distort the mind, but the body as well. The term Baroque refers to both the idea that distorts the affected person and those infected by these ideas.

Neuro Tower
A mysteriously-shaped tower that rises high above the desolated soil. It was previously the main facility for the Order of Malkuth. However, after The Blaze, the tower became infested with countless Meta-Beings. The inner structure of the tower is constantly changing.

‘The Blaze A catastrophe that occurred on May 14, 2032 and threw the entire world into ruin. The Blaze not only decimated the world, but it also distorted reality itself. The world continues to change, even to this day.

Order of Malkuth
A religious organization run by the False Angels. Unlike the standard religious tenet of "God saves you," the core dogma of the Malkuth Order is "we must save God."

Imitation wings worn by the False Angels of the Order of Malkuth. The size of the wings represents the member's rank within the Order. The larger the wings, the higher the rank of that member.

Lifeforms whose appearances are far removed from their human origins due to the Baroques that have completely overtaken them. They have completely lost their hearts and minds, and there is no possible way to communicate with them.

Angelic Rifle A uniquely shaped rifle that can annihilate any Meta-Being with one shot. However, its specialized ammunition is very limited.

Idea Sephirah
The purified, crystallized form of one's true self. Information about the being from before it was crystallized can be gleaned if the crystal is formed from a living creature.

Outer World The world spread outside of the Neuro Tower. The sky is red, the land is deserted, and the cities are nothing but ruins. A few distorted ones and some Meta-Beings exist here.

Wandering Maidens
Two inhabitants of the Neuro Tower named Alice and Eliza. For some reason, they don't seem to have distorted as much as the others.

Purify The process of sublimating a Meta-Being or an individual distorted by a Baroque to their original form, known as an Idea Sephirah. The protagonist is the only one who has the ability to purify.

The group of ruined buildings in the Outer World near the Neuro Tower.
Go to the Neuro Tower.Heal your sins, Heal the world.
The world of Baroque is one inhabited by twisted people. Meta-Beings, Angels, the Order of Malkuth, and the "Neuro Tower" are all tangled threads of the warped tapestry that is Baroque.


The protagonist must head to the lowest floor of the Neuro Tower and fight through the foul denizens of the world. The Neuro Tower itself is also constantly distorting, and hence, the protagonist will be introduced to a new labyrinth every time he sets foot inside.


Battles with Meta-Beings
Strange and twisted Meta-Beings will impede your progress through the Neuro Tower. You will need to use your purification abilities as well as a vast assortment of weapons, armor, and even parasites.




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