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Citizens of Earth, click here.

      Release Date : 10/31/1998
      Genre: Fighting
      Number of Players: 1-2
      Platform: PlayStation


In 2010, mankind had succeeded in his dream of developing a natural, limitless energy supply. It was the dawning of the Age of Magic. With this new power, science and industry, the tools of war, were outlawed. However, man still waged battle on one another, and an enormous war broke out. From this war, a horrible enemy born of Magic emerged. He announced himself only as Justice, and his intent was to wage war against humanity. One hundred years of bloodshed had passed before Justice was defeated and locked away in an impenetrable dimensional prison. However, five years later, it has been discovered that the walls of this prison are suddenly beginning to erode away, and now the leaders of the world are organizing an international fighting tournament to find the strongest fighters to battle against Justice once more. Astonishingly, the prize for this tournament is literally anything the winner desires. Any single wish at all.


Instant Kill
Press P + K (Close to opponent) Screen will flash Red
In this instant(during Red screen) press
D,DF,F + P + K if it connects you will know

To evade the Instant Kill
When the screen turn Red(from your opponents actions)
Quickly do the instant kill backwards
D, DB,B + P + K

How to Change Colors
While selecting a character hold down X or Square or Triangle or Circle and your characters clothes should change.

Codes-Hard Mode
When you first boot the game, and the white "Sony" screen appears, hold (Down + Square + L1 + R2) and keep them down throughout the booting process. When you start the game, the word HARD will appear, blinking on the bottom of the screen. The game is ridiculously difficult in this mode.

Play As Baiken
Finish the game with Sol Badguy or Ky Kiske without using a continue. After the credit sequence, you will get a chance to fight Baiken. Defeat her and you can play as her in the vs mode.

Play As Justice and Testiment
Finish the game with any character using any amount of continues to play as Justice and Testiment in the vs mode.

Basic Strategies
Donít get pinned in the corner of the screen. That is the worst spot to have your character in. If possible, try to drive the computer controller character into the corner and attack him with combos and chain hits. Repeat if necessary.

If the computer is attempting to perform a finishing move on you, quickly reverse the instant kill to evade. Once you have done so, try to turn the tables and perform an instant kill on the computer.

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