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      Release Date : 03/31/1999
      Genre: Action
      Number of Players: 1-2
      Platform: PlayStation


Bomberman Fantasy World is the largest amusement station in the galaxy. It was built by Dr. Ein with the hope that it would bring peace to the universe; he is also the man who created Bomberman. Of all the events held at the Fantasy Land amusement center, the Fantasy Race, held every 4 years, is the biggest. Racers from all over compete for prizes and fame. Bomberman had received an invitiation to the 10th Anniversary Race but was reluctant to participate. However, upon finding the name Burglar among the names of the contestants, what choice does he have?


Double Money
Save the game twice in different slots. Enter the bank and use the money transfer function. Move the money from one slot to the other to double your money.

Mirrored Tracks
Place first in all the tracks, then at the selection screen, press Right. You should then play on the mirrored track.

View Ending Sequence
Complete all mirror tracks, then press the Select button at the main title screen.

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